I have been very slack about getting a blog started up because I work as a business manager in the day time and a weaver of erotic witchy tales in the night time. I am happy with both jobs and thrilled that I get to work with the best Publisher out there Phoenix Fire. They see my brand of erotica as innovative and have taken on the Sexy Broom Series which I am ecstatic about.

While I only have shorts and anthologies under my belt at the moment. I am working on my first full erotic novel entitled, Witches Make the Best Sluts. I hope to have it ready for release with Phoenix Fire {if they want it} by the end of the year. I am rarely on my facebook but you can find me there easily, and I am working on signing on more. I don't have a Twitter, but I will be getting one, and hopefully I will keep this blog updated with new excerpts, tales of erotica, and best of all witches! Thank you for reading and keep coming back.


Anna Lovelace


    Weaver of erotic tales mostly consisting of witches. 


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